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Another post to peruse and waste time with!

Working my way through 8th prestige and hoping to make it to 10 before the Wii-U and BLOPS2 comes out. That, with my hunger for titles and emblems, I can say that I got more than my money's worth out of this godforsaken game!

Went through the SCAR-L again just to get a title, t'was fast. Is it just me or do assault rifles feel much lighter and agile when silenced? The muzzle flash reduction definitely helps with my aim, as there's no more light blocking my sights. I find that I've become a stealth junkie, with Blind Eye and Assassin equipped, as well as a silencer whenever it's not a sniper rifle. Stealth is very important, especially since many of these players seem so unaware.

The Dragunov... right from the pits of hell, I doubt it'd burn in Mordor. Currently my biggest woe and so far my hardest challenge in MW3. It's the last sniper rifle I have to go through and I'm not planning to break my anti-ACOG trend now. Relative to the other snipers, this gun is absurdly weak; relative to real life, I guess it's normal. But when you're facing people with Akimbo guns, Rapid Fire SMGs, and One-Shot Kill snipers; it's a problem that requires some finesse. On top of that, its recoil is bananas, even with Kick! It's so bolognie that I've come to believe that the sights are an illusion and that I've been firing blanks (that's how emasculating the Dragunov is). Guaranteed, at least two shots are need to kill, unless it is a headshot. Typically, I do not use Silencers on snipers; they reduce the effective range significantly and, in the Dragunov's case, the ability to land headshots. Literally, I have shot someone in the head with a silenced Dragunov only to see them escape. Not sure what Infinity Ward was thinking (then again, not sure if they think at all) but the damage tables for this gun need to be adjusted. And yes, I'm aware it was buffed on other consoles and wasn't on the Wii.


Oh boy, mediocre teammates. Yup, the kind that walk past enemies and secure long-abandoned explosive decoys.

Scenario One: Village. In that trail under the bridge, I have just killed an enemy. Reloading, I turn around to find an enemy standing there and a teammate walking up behind him. I get shot down while my teammate luxuriously steps up behind the enemy to knife him. Where's the camaraderie? Why, on this straight path, would you take the time to knife an enemy instead of shooting him on sight and saving your teammate?


Scenario Two: Resistance. The other team has luckily gained an assault Juggernaut through a care package. All my teammates camp in the dark center building. That should say enough. Juggernauts aren't some monsters to be feared -- the key to killing them is teamwork, like a pack of wolves on a moose, albeit an armed moose. With it being constantly tracked on your radar, your team should be able to coordinate some sort of concentrated fire even without mics. Hiding in a building will only get you picked off by the enemy team -- who will potentially be reckless due to the hubris from having a Juggernaut on their team. You cannot wait a Juggernaut out.


And there ends my observations. Anyone know whether the release date of the Wii-U is confirmed? It seems rather soon. I'm looking forward to the titles announced, namely ZombieU, Assassin's Creed, and Ninja Gaiden. Not sure if I'll buy it though, seeing as I most likely will not bring it to college with me and it'll only drain my time. Decisions, decisions. Presumably, BLOPS2 will be ready for release by the release of the Wii-U but I'll see how it turns out before buying it. $300 sounds reasonable, I'm just hoping it isn't a hardware letdown and turns out like its predecessor.

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    1. Stealth junkie here too. I don't use any assault rifles except the FAD because the rest just seem too weak in CQC situations.

    2. The Dragunov is like an airsoft gun, lol.

    3. I've given up on team modes and gone back into FFA because of all the losses I get from having terrible teammates. Stupid team-making algorithm >:(

    4. The Wii U will come out on November 18.

    5. No, I will not stop reading tags

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      ...lol.....I know what you mean about your teamamtes. I learned a long time ago that you cant depend on your teammates to do anything. It still happens to me today. Im thinking, what in the hell were you doing. You should have killed that guy and he killed me.


      Dont get me wrong, I`ve been saved a lot by teammates.


      I see a lot of people talking about the wii-u and black ops-2. Im 100% behind the wii-u. Wii players need something better to play on than what we have now.


      Black ops-2. Im not into it at all and wont be getting it. The future weapons and scenes theme I hate. Why cant they be more creative as in teammates actually being teammates. I`ll fly the helicopter, you man the gun. I`ll drive the jeep, you man the gun. It needs to be more of a team game than just people running and gunning. Some of the things they have in black ops-2 is a little childish but anyway.

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        I completelty agree with all of y'all. I'd like to say something about the Assault Juggernaut situation that Simile talked about. Perhaps, Simile, your teammates finally realized that they were worthless and weak. For example, there was this kid who got in the Outpost glitch where you can go under the map. Fortunately, there was still a chance to flush him out: his care pac was still there, just waiting for someone to get in the glitch spot to get cozy with that kid. Here is where everything goes wrong.


        1. EVERYONE goes to the area where you can get into the glitch. Both teammate and enemy.

        2. As I was about to get in the glitch spot, I fall down a bottomless hole.

        3. Right after I get back to that area, my teammates pick up the care package, the ticket to the glitch.

        4. As 1-3 were happening, the guy in the glitch began going on a high killstreak.

        5. Just as I realize that he's about to get a MOAB, I yell at my teammates (thru the mic of course) to get the F#(k away from that place. But as always, they're stupid.

        6. The kid gets a MOAB and I take it like a man. I take it like a real soldier would that tries to make up for my own teammates' failures.