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Question about servers of all call of duty parts from Cod4? Anyone help?

First of all sorry for my English not being perfect. I play Call of Duty since COD4,
and the only thing what i don't like (hate) is the lag in a game

Call of duty 4 and  Black Ops i had never problems with it, but MW2 and MW3 i get alot killed after i turned a corner.
In cod4 and black ops if u get shot ur screen flashes red but there is a time u can react and shoot back. in MW2 and MW3 i figured it out when u get shot, there is no chance u have a reaction time, it's over and ur dead. After i see the killcams it shows that the guy was shooting much earlier than what i had on my screen before i was shot down. These problems i didn't had with black ops and call of duty 4. Why?


just an example, if i were shot in cod4/black ops my screen was flashing red, and i knew what to do, i was going behind a building  or a box something and i could safe my self. It's impossible in mw2/mw3 to do this.. Sometimes a guy shoots about 1/2 seconds on me. my screen goes red for about half a second, and im down. But i don't see it shooting till on the killcam. There is a delay of 1/2 seconds in mw2/mw3


Where comes this delay from? servers?


And no i have a excellent internet connection (60MB down/25 upload checked with speedtest from smartphone) very fast and it picks me everytime as a host in game...


Is it the servers? does MW2 and MW3 servers suck?