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Hacked lobby!!

Earlier today I joined a lobby, and I noticed something weird was going on. I am not sure how many of you all watch Youtube vidoes, but if you watch MW3 being played on the PC you will notice their guns look different becausue they are able to change their field of view. I play on PS3 and when I joined this lobby that was happening to me. Also, everytime you would cap a flag or get an assist you would get around 1 million points. I finished the game out and tried a different lobby but it was the same too, except for the 1 million point part. Has anyone else been experiencing this as well? Any help would be appreciated.

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    You'll probably get a 48hr ban and a reset just for staying in the lobby. If this happened to me and my FOV was different and I got around "1 million" points for capping a flag, I would PS quit straight away. If you saw anything dodgy going on, why would you stay?

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    We got in one of these the other day, but was kill confirmed.  837k for nabbing tags.  We left though as soon as we grabbed 1 tag and saw it was hacked.

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    i wouldnt worry to much about getting a ban for it,  but i would imagine the score you gained through the hacked lobby would be reset, i would advise against staying in them lobbys though. i landed in one the other day, but left as soon as i realised - ffortunately for me i read this forum and was already aware of this, i think if they notice a pattern of you using them you would get a ban .


    i think we need to get some clarification on this though, there are a lot of people landing innocently in these lobbies and they are worrying about getting bans etc.