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Noticed a lot of people are playing lately

A lot have peeps have been online lately and not much hacking. I have not seen a pred. in over a week. I started a new profile "Wally Wallbanger" and am doing well. Anyone else notice this? And before you say anything... I know "Cool story, bro."

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    The servers for BO, Reflex and W@W are kind of messed up right now thanks to Hurricane Sandy. That's why lately, everyone has been back on MW3 to get their CoD fix. You don't notice much hacking since there's a new ratio now, there's less hackers per legit player.


    Oh and cool story bro.


    I'm sorry if this enhances your MW3 experience, but don't worry, the BO, reflex and W@W servers will get their cookies together soon, and then you'll be back to regular programming

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      I played MW3 Friday and it was almost hackerless and was fun to play all day. When my girlfriend got off work I told her that today has been good on the wii. You can actually play. I`ve done good all day today. I also told her I was close to several MOAB`s but I couldnt stop those 1 or 2 kills that prevented me from getting one.


      An hour later I finally got my MOAB. 30 minutes later I reeled off another one.


      Saturday wasnt good to play and yesterday-(SUNDAY) wasnt good at all. I never seen so mnay hackers/cheaters on at 1 time til yesterday. You couldnt play at all. I finally gave up.


      Usually on Tuesdays  I struggle with the game. Never fails. So everyday is different for me as for hackers being on a lot or not.

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        i was playing domination on village last night, 2 full teams and apart from me there was only one guy on our team playing the objective.


        one guy would continously put a scrambler in a random corner and just sit there doing nothing... what the fffffffaaaargh.... was that about think he ended up 2-13, just why?? there are no words for that stupidity.


        needless to say we lost.


        then i went to play team defender on carbon, some *insert expletive* got the flag and glitched in the wall of yonder building. i left.

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      same here man im trying to play but cant #nycbaby (with green color)

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    i have problem to play to reflex server is down in NYC damn it and one thing always when cheaters start playing leave the game they hate that bc they dont have no one to play with anyone should do that never play with cheaters...      my name on cod reflex #nycbaby  (with green color)

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    My dream last night:


    I was playing Search and Destroy on MW3 for a full 24 hours. Not a single hacker even stepped foot in S&D. I was beasting with my MK14 the whole time. The game was running smoothly. No lag. No hackers. No glitches. Just perfect. A fair game of S&D....


    I later heard a guy with a mic announce that Activision finaly fixed ALL the problems with MW3 Wii. Just perfect... I became so excited, that I got a MOAB... And just when it was about to annihilate the whole enemy team on the last round of the S&D match that would get me my 100th winstreak, my dream ended.


    I began hoping it was some awesome Deja Vu, so I got on S&D in the morning and geuss what I find. A whole team of the world's most badazz hackers facing a bunch of Prestige 1's... and me...

    I HATE MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!