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Will you run!

A question to all those who play COD in general:


Will you run away mid-game from a match because your getting beat?


I notice many high KD players in (MW) who seem to offer a good fight! But when they start going negative they disappear like jimmy hoffa! If you are such a character who cannot take a beating or leaves mid game you BITE!

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    Nope. If I'm host I'd of raged quit 30 seconds in to the game...


    But what people don't realise is there's a million and one ways around everything in CoD games. Say you're getting beaten, you have high KS's on, fair enough. Why not have a class with really easy killstreaks that would help out in the small run. For example, one awesome class of mine in MW3:


    AK47, Silencer, Kick.

    P1: Recon Pro

    P2: HL Pro

    P3: Stalker Pro/DS Pro/SR Pro

    Flashbangs, Frag.


    Killstreaks: UAV, Pred, Precision Airstrike.


    I've come out with 40-60 kills using this setup. But it's an easy streak to obtain and using Preds you can take out any air support including AC130's.


    So no, as long as it's fair (i.e. Netcode). I shall never run. NEEVERRRRRR

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    Never due to losing, there's tons you can do, as DBlow touched on.


    I think there should be way more incentives XP and challenge-wise though, for completing a match, making a comeback, etc.


    Turning the tide in a game or trying to help a losing team is a major challenge and one I revel in. That doesn't mean I can always change things on my own but there's great satisfaction in putting a resistance in and making the dominant enemy work harder or wake up.


    A further CRUCIAL investment is in yourself and your gaming experience. If you quit instead of losing, how good will you feel when you win?

    If you work hard when your team are in trouble, and you do that all the time, how will you feel when you make the winning run and change the result in the dying seconds?

    How much will your entire cycle of a COD year be enhanced by playing that way and maximising your own experience?

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    I can't say many of my losses have been blow outs. I have a high Win percentage and most of my losses that I do have came early on when I first started playing MW3 and Black Ops. Once I gained friends in each game I rarely lost



    Also, I'm a decent player and I like to think that my skills alone keep the game somewhat close, especially since I'm more of a defensive player. Its hard for the enemy to get a strong lead if I'm on guard duty

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    Nope.  Only reason I rage quit is connection, if I have a good connection but am getting beaten then I stick it out.  People should care less about their stats and more about just enjoying the game.  If you're not good enough to get a decent result every now and then then maybe try something else.  Everyone has bad games, it doesn't mean much in the grand scheme of things.  Really, stats are so over powered though.  The current leader of the Domination leaderboard has a score of over a billion, wow, so what?  we all know it has only been achieved through using a hacked lobby and it doesn't impress anyone.  Trouble is CoD has become a kids game and KDR has become a playground topic of conversation.  Fortunately my school days are way back in time!  lol.

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      I hear what this samgold guy is saying, you make a good point senna KDR is a plaground topic not taken serious.


      And I will NEVER run from a match even with all odds stacked against me!

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    I only leave if my team is getting stomped with absolutely no chance of winning, explaining my low, W/L ratio.

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    I admit I've backed out of a game because I was completely getting my ass kicked, however that only happens maybe 1 in 100 games or so. I definitely found myself rage quitting more in MW3 because of all the death streaks and BS that game has in it. I rarely rage quit in Black Ops, and don't see myself doing it in BO2.

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      At least you are accepting what this thread is going at, I for one never leave a game no matter the consequences no matter the loss to my KD.


      I find (sounds strange) honor in fighting till the end, I will not give up no matter. To bad others do not follow this code.

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    I never leave. Unless I have an awful connection or the lobby is hacked. Otherwise I stick it out and accept the challenge I love a good challenge.

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    Yes. Not so much in objective game modes. But in TD or FFA, definately.


    But if I have a bad connection or lag, I immediately leave the game.

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    These are the guys I love to play!!!  Makes me smile to think that I just made #23, 46, 132, 1324 and 2356 in the world back out because they were taking a good old fashioned a$$ woopin'!!!