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-- Discuss this please (Helis, Predators, Hackers, Disc Read Error) --


Hi community!



I really need some answers, or at least others point of view on this.. I dont want to talk about how good or bad I am, but to avoid the simple answers I see so many times like "You must be a noob" or "You must be paranoid", I'll just say this: I started Ground War Squad back in December (?), I played at least 75% of all Clan Ops, 20th Prestige, my Win% is 53, Kd is 1.20 (TDM 1.40), and I was ranked 20.000 on KC and Domination (was...).


So, in the last days, last week, I've seen this (gameplay and not only):


-- I've experienced huge Lag, and I've seen KC and Domination hacked lobbies. This alone would be enormous issue but let's say "ok". Let's assume that's "normal".


-- I've seen simple Helis that I couldn't take out until my 3rd (THIRD) Stinger. No i'm not a noob, Stingers were really directed to those 2 Helis I saw lol.


-- I've always used Predator Missiles on all my Classes since ever. But you wanna know what? This days, more than once, they were "dancing" in the sky and I couldnt hit the targets.


-- Now the most intriguing to me, also, the last consensual matter: im having again (since last week) Disc Read Errors again.

I say "again" because back in December/January I had some "Disc Read Errors" every day, and my Clan mates used to say that my MW3 disc should be damaged, or my PS3 lent something, but then...oh then started the Threads here on Forum with many people complaining about the exact same thing and one day...a patch came and Disc Read Errors disappeared.


This week a clan mate traded his PS3 for a new one because he was having these issues again too (he tried to clean lens and all, I told him it's not the lens!!...)! Now im having this again too. I mean: its the disc read errors, the lag, the hackers, it's just too much... My bet is that sometimes they do something that "fixes" things for some, and ruin things for others, but many dont see it like this!..


I wanted to hear opinions, specially of those that had/have MW3 Disc Read Errors: did it returned somehow? Did it stopped with no returning?

And these strange Helis and Predators!??

What is going on MW3?

  • Re: -- Discuss this please (Helis, Predators, Hackers, Disc Read Error) --

    I know the helis are a problem thats been happening for a while this was back in Febuary it was a 5 stinger copter

    It seems to happen on and off some months no problem others it's every other round it seems to mainly effect the cobras and strafe runs. The lag has seemed to happen a bit more often with more of thoese hard to explain deaths like getting shot by ghosts and C4 not killing people even though it hits them in the face.