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Looking to play Headquarters with other PS3 users in this game title (MW3) and BOPS2


My roommate and a few friends have partied up since MW2 and play a great amount of "Headquarters". Before he had to move out of town for work (during MW3) he was in the top 200 and I was in the 1000's area. He was gone for a few months and is back so we are playing HQ's again.

We want to get together with other like minded players for some MW3 play and more so, BOPS2. I guarantee he will be in the top 50-100 during this game because he is not working and will be playing all day, everyday. I guess being jobless can have some perks!

If you would like to play with us send me your PSN ID and we will both add you.


Oh and BTW, we are not stuck on high KDR's, just as long as you play as part of the team to win the objective.