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Leaderboards - Illegitimate Stats Already... Really?!

As most of you will be aware, players have yet again spoilt the leaderboards in various game modes for legit players who want to play the game fairly.


I have played for hours and hours on S&D to try and reach high ranks. Now, this amition has been ruined, just like what happened to MW2.


Doesn't anyone feel that the next Infinity Ward based CoD game shouldn't have leaderboards, if they're going to be ruined by players who have cheated and unable to be controlled?


Does anyone know if there has been an official response cheating in CoD?


If the same thing happens to every single Infinity Ward CoD game, I'm going to play another game instead of CoD. Sick of wasting long and hard hours because of leaderboards having the top 10000 players cheating there way to being noticed.


It's embarrassing really.