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k/d + lag = player honesty?


Lag, Lag, Lag. It was because of the lag.


Now let's be honest we have all said it when we lose.

we have also stated it when our k/d is affected by it.

Some have raged quit

Some have broken their tv, controller, gaming system even broken the game

Some have gone so low has to blame their friend, spouse even their own child for the loss and low k/d

I have heard them all I think I did anyhow.



Now let's see how many out there are honest.

Have you ever left the game when the lag comp was in your favor.

When the win was due to your matrix like ability to dodge every bullet when storming a occupied room. Did you say it was because of lag

How many have trashed talked after their god like performance and when confronted by your opponent that it was due to lag you simply told him or her that they suck and they should play Mario.


What I am trying to get at it lag goes both ways, but everyone only complains about it when it affect him  or her the bad way.


Think about it the next time you play and you get that check out my awesome vid on youtube moment.

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    I've had the once in a blue moon match where I'm killing everything in sight and nobody seems to know that I'm even there.  I don't say a word in the lobby because it's obvious that lag helped me out.  No I don't back out of those lobbies.  I'm sure that nobody does.  I do feel sorry for the other team though because I'm usually on the wrong side of lag and know exactly how frustrating it is to get the drop on a guy, pump him full of bullets, and still have him turn and one shot me to death.  There is no skill required to kill someone when lag is on your side but to survive when it isn't on your side takes a lot of skill and a lot of luck.

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      Like you stated it is frustrating when you a are receiving the bad end of the lag.

      In the same sense it also shows the character and the skill of the player who can pull of a even k/d at the end of the matches.

      It shows how well these players can adapt and change their play style to pull it off.


      Thanks for your honesty.

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    Good post, and i can say i have never left a game when the Lag was in my favor, and it is pretty easy to tell when lag is hitting the other team players worse than its hitting you,  I can also say i dont leave many games even when the lag is working against me, When Lag does jump on my back, i will hang around for 3 or 4 games and see if it starts evening out,   I have on occassion said to a player Lag was being a ***** to you, because i could tell just by what i saw on screen i had the upper hand....... I dont trash talk people over they way they play, good or bad

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      To be honest I have left a dozen games or so because of lag, due to how extreme it was.

      Some times it's just to bad to play.


      As for trash talking after a good round, I never have,

      But I will trash talk my teamates if we lose because of them. "Talking about the trolls"


      Thanks for your honesty.

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    Quite honestly in the 200+ hours I've played this game I can't recall one time the lag was obviously in my favor. I have a 30 Ping connection so I am constantly getting screwed on the lag comp.