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STouT Clan Recruiting. Need players with a K/D higher than 1.00 (Ps3)

I started STouT clan today to make a clan that welcomes people who are finding difficulties finding the right clan. This clan will mostly play Ground War and S&D.

Only adding people with a ratio higher than 1.00. If you are a QS i will be honored to have you on my clan.


I have a youtube channel that will post it first video when i get more than 6 members.

I have my own youtube channel with 423 subscribers.


Add me on PSN if you are interested on joinging: STouT_Moose


You need a mic and be older than 15.

And you must be getting black ops 2 the days it comes out so we can rank up fast my friends


Thank you




Mw3& Black ops 2