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Eros de Loaiza looking for clan

Hello, I would like to join some sort of ACTIVE mw3 clan for the Wii. I am tired of playing random players by myself. I am tired of playing with non strategic players. I am tired of playing with players who play individually. I want to be part of a team that think as one and who enjoy socializing with one another. I bought the game, played it, saw the potential of how fun it would be to be part of a real team and not fake made up teams with no way of contacting each other. Listen, becoming part of a team without knowing who they are, even if you change your name to their clan name, DOESN'T MAKE YOU IN A TEAM. I have met teams with their own chatroom, their own forum/site, and their own time of meeting. If you are as I request, then please shoot me a PM with your regulations and rules to join and I would happily show you my skills online. Thx