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Opinion on Competitive Gaming

What are your guys thoughts on Competitive gaming? I personally find good players batteling against good players instead of good players owning bad players in pubs. For example I think that this series is pretty entertaining. Its a series where top competitive clips are shown.




Thoughts on competitive gaming?

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    My thoughts are that it is ruined by lag compensation for probably 95% of the community, at least on MW3. I find it hilarious that I can go 35-3 on one game of TDM and turn around the next and go 3-20 all based on the connection or lag compensation. The game takes no skill and is all based on luck and side of the connection/host you wind up on. I know there is a small percentage of the community that has no lag and their game experience is great, but personally for the 220+ hours I have played this game every single match of TDM is a lopsided beatdown 7500-4000 or worse and it's luck of the draw which side you get on at match start. You will either play well, or you will look like a nOOb that has no business playing the game, all on the whim of the lag comp. That's why I laugh at people who put so much stock in their k/d. If you have a high k/d(and again I know there is a very small portion of the community that has no lag and are probably legit high k/d players) more than likely you are a corner camping sissy just sitting around waiting for the lag shackled players to run into view and shoot them in the back. My k/d is a measley .91 but I can have an entire night of games where I go 20-5 and then play for 2 hours where I can't even break even. So I guess my thoughts would be that the gaming is not really competitive unless you are in that very small area of the community that gets a perfect game play experience every time.

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      Very good point, lag compisation does ruin the game. I feel as though I'm an above average player but there are some games, just like you where I do terrible. Then the next game i'm at the top with like a 10 kd. That is a very frustrating part in this game.