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Hey has anyone had this happen to them recently on PSN?

I logged on to my ps3 today and it said a message had been recieved so i went to my inbox and saw it was from someone who is nether in my friends or in the recently met players cateogory and it was not someone i ever msged before in my life!, so it said just like this too THIS MESSAGE HAS BEEN HACKED and a bunch of other really weird stuff like to get phony killsteak points in MW3 and to go to some dumb youtube channel or something so i assumed it was spam and deleted it. it has not been sent to me since then but a little latter on a another really weird thing happened i was changing arround my classes in the ps3 disc for MW3 but they would appear as though they were saved but once the match would load they would revert back to the way they had been previously set up!.  so i exited the match and tried again to set the class the way i wanted it again same thing so finally i completly left MW3 and did the following i deleted the ps3 app for elite after that everything went back to normal but what i relized after logging on to elite on my mac was that the way these classes were reverting was how i had them set in elite! but the weirdest part of all of this is that i have yet to get the push my classes to game feature to work on elite! so why was it doing this is my first question and my second question is have i been hacked if so how and how would i fix this also something i noticed in my MW3 matches recently is this no matter how long i use a certian gun i never see the game say your weapon rank has increased anymore why is this and is there something i can do to fix this also is it just that i have to play more to see this msg again in mw3? please leave some help for me and some insight as to what may have caused this or leave me some way to fix these issuses cause they are driving me insane! also any helpfull replys would be appreciated! thanks again! 


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