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New clan : D00M SQUAD recruits ( PS3 )


Hello everybody, I made my own clan 5mins ago, we're currently two, my goal is to play in mw2/BO/BO2 and mw3.


I got 2.7 K/D on BO and 3.4 on mw3, I would like the applicants to have atleast 1.8 K/D +  and to live in Europe for connection purpose


The goal of this clan is to PLAY THE OBJECTIVES in order to win each game!

Im so tired of getting stuck with randoms who doesnt even know what they re doing in the game.

We'll play Tdm/Dom/HQ/CTF and S&D I believe, let me know if you're interested in joining the clan: contact me on my psn ( IzClearlyTheM4N )


A mic is a plus, and I'd like applicants to be mature enough ! ( no 12 y/o annoying kid..)


Have a great day/night!