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xFFA (Full Frontal Assault) is Recruiting


We are a new gaming clan that focuses on CoD franchise. We are looking for new members to help our clan grow both in numbers and quality of gameplay. We do not require any prerequisites; however, we do encourage those who are mature gamers that play objective based games. We would like our members to be at least 16 in age, have a headset (again not requirement), and be somewhat able to communicate with fellow teammates.


Also, we just now put up a new site and if you would like come check it out. We plan on becoming one of the best clans out there and would like your help in becoming one. Our members are resourceful and respectful so feel free to just send us a message on our PSN (my ps3 is SAGLCH), I can't wait to hear from you. The sites address is xfullfrontalassault.enjin.com


This is more for the upcoming release of Black Ops 2 and which we hope to have you help our team dominate the matches. We will be playing multiple game modes (TDM, Domination, SnD, and HQ). Do not worry Zombie lovers, we are all fans of the all inspired death and will also include zombie players within the clan as well. So if you feel as though you would like to join, send us a message on our website or PSN and we would love to get to know you better.