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My little MW rant. MEN VS WOMEN GRRRRR

So today I played on my favourite map Parish, domination, easy fun, know the objective. I use a PP90,  run support streak, vests, stealth bomber and EMP, I can run assualt, but i find "trying" to stay alive long enough to get a good streak a bit stressful lol, and thus i end up dying more than i would rocking support, hence i rarely run assault.


My point of this rant though, in the game today i got 30/25 KD, thats not great I know, but for me it being postive meant i didnt mind how much i had died. So anyway, in Parish there happened to be two very lovely gentlemen (with AoW in their names) who at the end of the game started calling me every female aimed insult you could imagine, sl*g, tramp, you know it they called me it,now usually i would laugh this off, call them something equally as pathetic and then leave the lobby, but they were insutling me because of my use of EMP's!


Now can i ask, is the support streak justifiable, equally as earned and helpful? Was it not fair that i EMP'ed them twice?


My point is, i can deal with chauvenism aimed at me because i am female, BUT not at my gamestyle, there was a male team member using EMP who got no comeback from them in the slightest.


Rant Over, and please dont tell me Im being too "female" and i should deal, or thats its a mans world in MW.

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    On the contrary I find it funny as hell lol

    I play with and against girls and makes no difference to me

    Emps are annoying lol when running assault and I don't use them myself but in hc Dom they are a game changer because they disable my trophy systems lol

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      I've been called all sorts and everything..


      Most guys (there's some nice one's) cant take getting beat buy a girl and the reason they've done so bad must be the way you play or what you're using.


      You cant use the acr or mp7


      You cant use ballistic vests or emp's


      You must be moving at all times


      Your bf must be playing


      the list goes on......


      Iv'e changed my in game voice settings to friends only (which i don't really want to do because i like meeting new friends) try it its quite nice

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    I think the support streak is great for the reasons you mentioned, no rage because you were killed 1 kill before the Osprey or whatever . I think there are a lot of obnoxious and imature people on XBL that look for anything personal to attack, like being a woman, especially if you pwn them lol. I have a few black friends that I play with, and we hear a lot racist of crap, most of the time they start up in the pre game lobby, but after we beat them it gets even worse. Thats what the mute buttons for I guess.

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    Its because girls reject them i real life...

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    It's because they lack the foresight to use specialist whilst you've activated EMP as they may rely on the assault killstreaks to get them kills.  In fact, I might see what my friends use to run a few games running support with a few of us running specialist and assault.  The EMP will give me some security when calling in the Osprey Gunner.

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    For an assault class player who managed to get 11 kills straight, it is incredibly unbalanced for another player to be able to disable their killstreak with the press of a button for no other achievement than getting 18 points total the same time in the game.


    It's not you, it's the kill... point streak.
    Stealth Bomber... Cannot be countered, 12 points gained.
    Pave Low... can easily by shot down or EMP-ed, 11 points gained without dying.


    Destroys any and all enemy killstreaks and disables their HOLOGRAPHIC sights.

    It's a magical point streak that removes mirror images for only one team, takes away only one team's radar and only their equipment.


    Ballistics vest...
    The only killstreak that can be deployed while an EMP is active, and more than doubles your health in hardcore, allowing you to take a direct hit from the AC130s 130mm cannon or a predator-missile to the face -- in the game mode where a pistol kills you with one hit to the leg.


    The rest are fine and balanced enough.

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    I've received a couple of hate messages recently for my use of Support streaks as well.  Personally, I prefer using support because then I can worry about playing the objective, and not worry about keeping my streak alive. 


    Generally, I'm playing to win and won't worry about K/D too much.  I've found that Support rewards do more towards winning than Assault.  Those that whine about it should either switch to them, or continue to cry when their AC-130 gets taken down before they get their first shot off.

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    my wife plays all the time a recieves hate comments before matches even start then after they hate even more cause she owned them then they try to add her? alot of guys can not handle it that girls/women play me personally i do not have issues with it i know im not the best and im sure there are girls better then me. sounds like they just need to grow up from what i read.

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    when i did play i always used the emp next time your in a match save ur emp till they have a full airspace  then use it wanna see nerds ragequit for real some of em may even put there foot throuh the xbox good **** right there but as of today i quit mw3 its too crapy poorly design for me to play

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    I hate my team's EMPs more than the opposition ones...it seems they blind you at the critical moment when you are vulrenable and you end up dead half the time from it.  I told a teammate last night, "call it out BEFORE you call it in, not WHEN you call it in."


    Anyway, the simple people in real life or on multiplayer will look for a hook to tie their insults to; your identity as a girl gamer made it easy for their small brains to target.  Just mute the morons, it will save your sanity.


    BTW, I prefer to run specialist or assault killstreaks, but in small map domination they are almost a waste of time against anybody but the worst team.  Even if you get a Reaper, Pavelow or whatever, they can get taken down so fast that it feels pointless to bother.  On the other hand, with support you know that your stealth is going to probably get you at least a critical flag cap late in the game, or the EMP will mess with their killstreaks/HUD for a bit...my 2 cents.

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    Like Ungrateful_Dead said, I don't use EMP's  because it's the white flash that goes on before it goes into effect that bothers me. I use assassin pro so EMP doesn't effect me anyway but that white flash still shows up and it always seems to be at the most inconvienent time.


    I'm a girl gamer too and honestly I'm shocked that this happened to you. When I'm in a game there is usually atleast one or two other girls in the lobby as well (that I know of). Girl gaming isn't a rare sight like it used to be so I don't know why some guys still act like it is.

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    LOL i think its funny to gents ragin they got their asses handed to them by a female lol girl carry on doing it dont let the idiots bother you


    use what style u want




    Me i love infected but alot of idiots boost on there kinda funny but yeah

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    I don't see why people cry over EMPs. Maybe it's just because I use Assassin and Specialist on every class.

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      Noob_Lyncher wrote:


      I don't see why people cry over EMPs. Maybe it's just because I use Assassin and Specialist on every class.


      Tends to be from Domination players.  How dare someone call in an EMP after going 18-50 and wreck my chances of pub stomping after getting a Reaper after camping a spawn trap! [/troll]


      But yeah, Domination matches last long enough for a single player to use both support and assault.  You need not call in the EMP before racking up assault killstreaks provided there's enough time.  Plus, kills from killstreaks count towards the next, even assists sometimes, so it's not difficult to carry on getting Reapers etc over and over when the EMP is out.

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    It's a video game which takes not much more than hand eye coordination and a level head.


    It's not exactly heavy lifting or sumo wrestling is it?


    Men vs Women? I would say the only thing that makes it a non level playing field is that Women are not handicapped with Ego or Male Pride.


    Women would possibly be less inclined to go back 10 times for that 1 "revenge kill".


    All that said, generalising by gender is a waste of time because the CoD experience is different for almost everyone anyway with all sorts of other things to consider like experience, intelligence, location, age, connection, etc, etc, etcetera..............