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MY ELITE PREMIUM-FOUNDER-Clan Leader ACCOUNT Not Found after Update, Cant Access Account,  Please help

*note* I am logged in under a second account in order to post this message to the Forum and hopefully get help


I suddenly can not log into Elite using my Email Address and Password Ive been using since Nov 8 2011 on a Computer. I was able to log into Elite on 11/8/12 with no issue other than I couldnt manage my Clan.


Yesterday 11/9/12 I tried to log in under the same credentials on a Computer I have used since day 1 and after filling out the email and password and hitting log in it would clear and say not a valid username or password. When I try and use the button for a new password I put in my email address and no email is sent

. I contacted Activision Chat last night (CASE # 02178912)  and they said I have no account with said email address. Plus at the time they could not find my Clan either!!


I am the clan leader and sign in daily to elite from a Computer, WHY is my ACCOUNT MISSING FROM THE DATA-BASE since the latest UPDATE. I am more than frustrated with this.  I just NOW logged into ELITE from my PS3 and accessed my account and for the first time been able to make changes to my clan, however it does not show my account as a Premium Member or Founder and I was unable to access Elite TV because of that.


Ok so evidently MY ACCOUNT is there and is accessable thru the PS3, WHY NOT thru my PC, whether I use Chrome, IE or any other browser.


Beachhead please help in this regard. Activision Chat was useless.


I happened to notice MY ELITE ACCOUNT is Missing 1 year Exactly after I joined , coincidence??




Forum community name Special-Ops


Id appreciate some help with this matter