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connection issues

ok i have had Mw3 since day one. i have played about every other day or so and i have never had any major lag issues until people through a lag switch. (on ps3) i noticed more people have been hacking as mw3 comes to an end due to black ops 2 in a couple days witch i already payed for. but all of the sudden i keep finding myself at a one bar and lagging everywhere. before i would catch host and at the lowest hit a 3 bar. but over the last 5 days i have noticed i cannot get off a one bar. i know its not the wifi i play off of cause i can boot up my laptop and play World of warcraft on my laptop via wifi and not lag much at all. (anyone who has played this knows how bad it can be in the main cities.) ive tried hard resets on my playstation and the router/modem. ive turned off everything that connects to the wifi and i still hit a bar while playing mw3. i run the connection test on the ps3 it says 5.54/Mbs down and 1/Mbs up. i ran ping tests off my laptop and speed tests and everything seems great. my ps3 is 8 feet from my router. ive had my ps3 farther away and still had a 4 bar. but over the last week ive been at a 1 bar. any ideas or explanations would be helpful