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Read and find a hole lot of clan adventures


If u read my letter last time about xKremza and SuMz Black ops 2 is going to be different im making a clan called xTrickShoTinG and if u dont get black ops 2 straight away and u still want to be in the clan we will play black ops with some of the people but if u do not get black ops 2 u could get to be clan leader of normal black ops so text me on psn if u want to be appart of our clan PSN:ziiHDz_-_520zZ text me wat ur name could be because 3 of our freinds have joined so it will be a great clan to be appart of p.s my name will be xTrickShoTinG_LeaDeR but the account has not been made yet because its gping under maintanence so i will be so greatfull if u tell ur freinds about my clan





                                                                                          Co-Leader of xTrickShoTinG