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New clan : D00M SQUAD  ( PS3 )

We are looking for players to play mainly in Domination/TDM/S&D/CTF/HQ


You should atleast have like a 2 K/D or play with me to say how is it going


Since we are all playing in Europe, it would be better if you're based in Europe too, for connection purpose ( if for example you are in the US and the host is in Europe you'll lag as ****...)


I'm personally from France and have 19 years old, you should also be mature enough to play with us ( and have a lot of fun of course )


I'd like you to add me on my PSN : IzClearlyTheM4N for further information


The main goal of the clan is to basically try to win each game by PLAYING THE OBJECTIVES, a thing that most of people seems to don't know when you play randomly...


I'm not playing MW3 anymore cause that crap pissed me off, but we're looking forvard to play in BO/BO2 and MW3 sometimes...


So contact me Ingame if you want to join and have a great day/night !