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Recruiting for a brand new [level 1] clan, Xbox 360, BO1, BO2, MW3


     Hello, I am the founder of a brand new COD Xbox 360 clan called, "Out Cold". We play the following games on Xbox 306:

  • COD Black Ops 1
  • COD Black Ops 2
  • COD MW3

     You do need a mic of some sort [headset preferably] for all tournaments and occasional pracice matches. ABSOLUTLEY NO CONNECT! Just started the clan for the release of COD BO 2. All recruits will be excepted until the clan starts to overflow and it becomes too complicated to manage. I prefer yo recruit up-and-coming players as I am not such a grear gamer my self. Remember, brand new clan, just started recruiting don't be surprised when you get to my clan HQ and see that the clan is still a level one. Thank you!