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Blops 2 review by HotRod


This personal review is based on MY connection and MY console (fatty) purchased in 2006.

  1. GAMEPLAY- Great as of now. Fluid motion and feels more natural and less jaggy then MW3.Have not done campaign, but to be honest who has this early. The high tech gizmos and sounds drew me in right away.
  2. GRAPHICS- Not as good as we were told it was going to be. Detail in players are softer and not as sharp and robotic like. No flat points and weapons are detailed well. Colors are used properly and everything on map is vivid even on radar. I dont feel the need to use the colorblind setting.
  3. MULTIPLAYER- I hear of freezing but I have yet to experience that. The menu is a breathe of fresh air and seems easy to navigate. Weapons feel right and hit detection is great. Spawns got me a few times but overall nothing to rage about. Scorestreaks are alot better built in this game. You gotta be slaying bodies to get up there to use K9 unit and EMP. Even Care Packages need some try hard at times. Custom Classes were well though out. The point system for customizing your load out were done just right and I am glad they made it this way. To get a little more you have to get rid of a little more. Again, THIS THEY DID RIGHT. Perks were put in the right slots but something tells me that with the GREED perks staying off the radar might be just as easy as MW3. Lobbies do take some time to get started sometimes depending on who left or how many. But the extra time feels nice to work with. I have yet to be kicked by a server or had a host migration. Its early and things could go bad real fast. Time will tell on this one. But like I said this is based on My connection and console. But i will add that flash grenades were  also done right, aswell as stun ones. Yor not just staring at a white screen for what seems like forever anymore.
  4. MAPS- They are built well. Great sizes for most maps. those that are small(er) dont feel as chaotic as MW3. And i feel i have to look for some good choke points to hold off the enemy. I have yet to run into invisible walls and get stuck on a corner or god forbid on a pebble on the floor. Some maps are sniper friendly, most you need to be tactical with it. But with some skill on your part, team, and map use they wont hold down a place for long.
  5. SOUND- Voices are clear and your player or team is always saying something. I like the echoes in the rooms and explosions sound great. I Have a 7.1 system and play on a 70' Sharp tv and the playing this game is immersing and addicting. The soundtrack music blows any FPS game that Ive played in a long time.
  6. WEAPONS-  They took their time on these and have made some great additions. I have had fun with everyone I have used and personally feel I wont be using just a handful this game. But one bad note is that the MP7 has loomed its nasty self back in this game. It seems to be a favorite by many already. But with some tactical moves and skill it seems less of a monster then in MW3. Snipers are almost non existent. I could just be me, but sniping is gunna make you work. That is till everyone get them down so well. But like i mentioned in the map part, snipers wont last long with some good use of teamwork and map knowledge.


Overall this is a great game and im glad they made changes to the overall feel. Ive been playing Medal Of Honor Warfighter for weeks and didnt think this game was going to make me put it down. MOHW is for tactical adult gamers who like a more simulated challenge. Whiny kids are no where to be found. BLOPS 2 on the other hand will be full of them here soon. So get ready.

     Rest In Peace MW3......you will not be missed. But with how bad and fast COD games have went down hill recently, I will hold on to my MW3 disk and pop it in when i need some pace change and to kill time till fixes get patched. May or may not get to that............we can only hope for the best.