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Lag Compensation Is Back Again & This Time It Means Business.


Remember mw3 at the start where could walk around a corner getting killed before you saw the other player?  Well Black Ops 2 is exactly how mw3 used to be before they patched lag compensation and made it somewhat bearable.

I live in new york, have a cable connection, 20mb down 2mb up, 0% packet loss, grade A connection according to speedtest.net and pingtest.net.


This game for me is unplayable, Ive been ADS and seen a player running at me and ADS and kill me before I could press the fire button, all I had to do was press the right trigger but I didn't have enough time because my connection is too good.


Please, please fix the connections on this game before it just turns into mw3 all over again and were waiting 8 months just for the games company to get it right.

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