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  • 420. Re: Hardcore Modes

    HCFFA was the only gamemode I could go for Diamond camo in... Bring it back!

  • 421. Re: Hardcore Modes

    They should've added HC Moshpit. I'd rather have any other game mode over Kill Confirmed. I really hope they do add HC Dom or HC Moshpit.

  • 422. Re: Hardcore Modes

    do you even play hc?  Why would they add HC moshpit? it might go over ok in core but the hc community in large doesnt like the moshpit style.  It has and always will have the least amount of ppl in it. It would be stupid to add moshpit over any other game mode. 

  • 423. Re: Hardcore Modes

    Its likely they will add some form of moshpit. I would like to see a simple addition in the form of two moshpits consisting of CTF and DOM in one and HQ and HP in the other. Leave KC and S&D in their own playlists. Unfortunately I think they will end up throwing in 4-5 modes into one failed moshpit.

  • 424. Re: Hardcore Modes

    Why is anything getting sacraficed in this game?? This game made 1 billion dollars in 15 days....are you telling me that they're can't be an extra slots for more hardcore game modes??

  • 425. Re: Hardcore Modes

    you have to bring hardcore free for all  back


    this is crazy you must be joking


    you makka me cry Mario !

  • 426. Re: Hardcore Modes

    Does everyone see what happens when you don't get involved?


    Create an account to complain.  Good for you.

  • 427. Re: Hardcore Modes

    Did you see what happened when vahn got involved? You all couldn't agree and just accepted his 4 playlists is all you deserve because of the numbers ideology. Mr insanity made some sense by pointing out very wittingly that they made statements without trying. You're just infuriating other gamers by making posts like that and "we don't need this type of attitude here".

  • 428. Re: Hardcore Modes

    We can't just shut others out. All opinions are welcome. Why fragment ourselves further. There are many good points from Coffin throughout many threads and I know he has been a huge HC supporter as well. We know what we need for chances, but he is one that also recognizes current limitations in programming indexes and contributes like all the others. The last thing we need is telling people we don't need them here.

  • 429. Re: Hardcore Modes

    To those who advocate we stop complaining - No one should stop complaining. There is a difference between bashing and complaining. I bought the game and I had certain expectations as it pertained to HC Play Modes based on marketing (yes I have managed to find a number of articles online that talk about the amount of support that HC would get in BOPs2) and previous titles.


    Those expectations weren't met and I am going to communicate my disappointment. It is not only my right as a consumer but it help a business understand areas that need to be improved and one of the reasons for businesses to have forums such as this.


    I am not a computer expert but I have no doubt that based on the popularity of COD and the amount of business that COD BOPsII has generated there should be enough server space to make everyone happy in both Core and Hardcore Modes. Regardless of 4 and 6 cylinder engine analogies making customers happy should be important and not an after thought in something that is this large and profitable.


    I am not saying that Developers like Vahn aren't trying to help but it seems a bit like the cart was put before the horse. I will say it again, I don't buy the whole insufficient TRAFFIC for matchmaking. Look at some Core Modes like CTF or Mercenary or the player counts in the Party Games where some modes have only a 1000 people playing them even in peak hours (like right now). Why aren't these treated the same way?


    Assuming that Treyarch isn't going to increase the number of games on the playlist here are my suggestions:


    1) Rotate game modes monthly or bi-monthly, monitor traffic and try and leave in the most popular games. Try and accomodate different play styles with both objective and non-objective style games. Let us try them all and decide what we like. Treyarch is happy that it only has 4 modes and we are happy because we get variety.


    2) Mirror the most popular core modes on the HC playlist. TDM and DOM are by far the most popular so put those in and leave those. This may serve to give core players more variety to play their favorite games with HC rules. Rotate the other two game styles as per the above and provide us dates as to when the changes will be made (in other words tell us that on 12/31 HC FFA and HC CTF will be replaced with HC S&D and HC Demolition and so on so we know what to expect.)


    I wouldn't do Moshpit. In my experience this makes things more chaotic as people leave a lobby if their favorite game mode doesn't come up.

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