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  • 450. Re: Hardcore Modes

    Core is fast paced, hardcore was slower paced. Now hardcore is fast paced with no respawn delay. Hardcore = core now. End of story.

  • 451. Re: Hardcore Modes

    If that is truly your view, a bunch more game modes just opened up for you since both the HC and Core list is the same.

  • 452. Re: Hardcore Modes

    If you want a faster paced instant respawn hardcore game then play hc kill confirmed but leave the classic alone. I'm done trying to state the obvious to you.

  • 453. Re: Hardcore Modes

    There is no obvious to state. Have you read this entire thread?

  • 454. Re: Hardcore Modes

    rhenze74 wrote:


    skill has nothing to do with it? you couldnt be more wrong... you have to kill the most people with no help just yourself. lets take a look at a different game mode for example like CTF where people can place microwaves in locations that people will spawn into them and die.... but yea you're right FFA is what requires no skill.


    it is a sad day for HC players.... I don't understand why they have to take...why not just add????


    this game just became not fun at all.


    There is as much skill involved in FFA as there is in any other game mode. You even have a crutch in FFA in the sense that you get to see where the other players are during the wait to respawn time. No other game mode shows you where the other team is. With lag on your side, as well as the death cam, FFA was the easiest game mode to win.


    As for the HC TDM timer, its removal is likely an experiment that was discussed with the HC community. Its removal in no way makes HC "core." That statement is a complete joke, all it does is make the game faster paced. Considering the major complaint against HCTDM is that its ridiculously slow and a 15 second respawn makes it nigh unbearable, this change could be for the better. Time will tell, there are still 25k people in the playlist, so the change certainly hasn't killed the mode.

  • 455. Re: Hardcore Modes

    I'm VERY upset with the latest update. I think it was a HUGE mistake taking away HC FFA. There already were not enough HC game modes, and then you take out another one? I'm so upset with this, and I know I'm not the only one.


    Please FIX THIS!!

  • 456. Re: Hardcore Modes

    There just isn't enough numbers to warrant and HC FFA return.

  • 457. Re: Hardcore Modes

    I would have liked the respawn timer to be set at 5secs rather than 0.


    It would help with co-ordinating with team mates as well as not getting spawn killed. 2nd TDM after the patch, my mate was shot by a dude, then instantly spawn killed 4 times in a row by the same guy running around the map - not good

  • 458. Re: Hardcore Modes

    If you're not going to return HC FFA, then 'Give us another option' is the majorities arguement here. We weren't asking for them to take stuff away, but give us one or two more options. Merely swapping out HC FFA or KC I'm sure was not what the HC community had in mind. I know being a part of that community since CoD4 I didn't. Hell, I'm still wanting HC Third Person.

  • 459. Re: Hardcore Modes

    Because of the lack of size, the hardcore community isn't allocated the same server resources as other paylists.


    Therefore, in order to accomdate HC KC, FFA had to be removed.


    Any future introductions of game types will likely be via moshpit playlists, rather than standalone playlists, for this same reason.

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