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  • 800. Re: Hardcore Modes

    The only way to be heard is through their wallets i.e vito new maps.  But that won't happen.

  • 801. Re: Hardcore Modes

    Is anyone else finding that hardcore has become as unplayable in the last few days as core with bad spawns and lag?

  • 802. Re: Hardcore Modes

    Haven't played much this weekend to notice cause my daughter was in the ER. Played fine the few games I got in yesterday though, hope it gets better for you.you.

  • 803. Re: Hardcore Modes

    About 50/50 for me as far as connections.  Some matches were great, others were rageworthy.  Generally staying in the same lobby...

  • 804. Re: Hardcore Modes

    The spawns were really messed up, only had maybe 2 horrible lag games which I am use to at this point.  On slums I spawned in the Laundromat came out and 3 members of the other team were right there for easy kills and then on Hijacked I spawned once in the back right behind the whole other team as they were respawning.  They were back to back games against a party and they were saying in the lobby that I was cheating. We started laughing though after I cracked a joke about it was just the fantastic spawning system.

  • 805. Re: Hardcore Modes

    Glad it's not just me then, hardcore has been the saviour of this game for me so far so I hope it's just a blip.

  • 806. Re: Hardcore Modes

    Ya if it wasn't for HC I wouldn't play this game. Core is too much like a kids game, no offense to core ppl

  • 807. Re: Hardcore Modes

    Haven't posted in this thread for a while just wanted to say keep it up Restore_Hardcore......as I know longer wish to waste my breath or time on getting Treyarch to do what should have been done at launch...at least you still have some fight left in you! lol

  • 808. Re: Hardcore Modes

    LOL! I honestly think someone should make a shooter that is really HC! I wish they would make a super realistic RPG shooter, no fantasy crap! I wonder how the boys at Respawn are doing? I'm sure they are laughing at 3arc and IW right about now.

  • 809. Re: Hardcore Modes

    Oh vahn vahn vahn, just out of curiosity, what actual numbers do you have to go by when making these claims about what the cod community as a whole like and dont like?  I will say that I personally prefer the hardcore variant over core, but i prefer game modes like demolition, domination, and headquarters over team deathmatch, kill confirmed, and search and destroy.  So I suck it up, play with weapons that are a one shot kill and tough it out in core variant with more variety in game modes.


    You say you dont have these game modes in hardcore because they arent popular game modes with the small hardcore community.  But being that game modes like hardpoint have not even seen the hardcore variant, and a lot of diehard hardcore fans may have never even played it because its only available in core gameplay.  So how do you know that it wouldn't be popular enough in hardcore variant if it has never been tested with the community?


    How do you know that more core players like myself wouldnt play more hard core if our favorite game modes were available in hardcore variant.  To give you an example, My clan played primarily core gameplay for the diverse game modes, we liked domination primarily, and still do.  Well domination has always been a core game mode, but in modern warfare 3, infinity ward brought domination to hardcore.  We started playing a lot of hardcore domination, more so than any core gameplay. 


    Now how many others do you think might be out there that enjoy the hardcore variant but play core for the simple fact that their favorite game mode isnt part of the hardcore playlist.  The answer is YOU DONT KNOW!  But I know a spectacular way to find out.  And its going to blow your mind.  You have your dev's release a patch that adds the game modes to the hardcore lobby, shouldnt take long and i bet it costs very little to do so.


    Oh and while you're at it, how bout hardcore groundwar.

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