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Honestly footsteps are fine


This is not mw3 and im glad as sound whoring was stupid on that game. Now i play search i can hear enemy footsteps fine when im not moving . i.e .. checking out spots , planting bomb so on ,, now i cannot hear them when i am running... thats sounds about right to me.The ability to hear enemies at the other side of the map was seriously overpowered and made game play impossible unless you had that perk.. treyarch new it and fixed it..(thank you)... now the only people that come on this forum are the ones that cannot play well and come hear to complain, infact the whole forum is lately. and the rest are too busy enjoying the game to come and say how great it is. so i thought i come and lighten up this place .... ITS a GREAT GAME .. CHANGE YA TACTICS AND GET GOOD... NO MORE SOUND WHORING ITS CHRISTMASSSS