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Hey guys,

Were looking for more people to join our clan.Its a wide based clan spread over diffrent games.At the moment obviously our members lean towards blops 2 or halo 4 but we do have a lot of members who play bf3 and used to have a server which we will probably have back soon.Fifa is also another game we play regurly,as i said members play wide based of games.

At the moment were working on a website and a ips forums so only way to contact each other is through the xbox.Were about a small clan at the moment but hope to get bigger once the website is up.One of our ideas is to assign a member to each game as a leader,just so were not a 1 based clan game.

We tend to help each other if a member needs the game and cant afford it.We plan to have compitions maybe eventually which a member can win micro points from

Anyways if you want to join just leave a message here and ill get back to you asap.

Thanks guys