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Any other "Better than Average Players" feel useless?

I've been playing CoD for Years. I had a 2.6 KD on Black Ops, and a 2.3 KD overall on MW3, both with over a 2.0 Win/Loss,while running and moving around. As of this game release, I feel like I'm literally unable to do nothing.


I'm not getting any hit markers most of the time, dropping 10 bullets into people and just watching mself fall over.


This is the Major Issue. I've played on anywhere frm a good 4 bar to a "This is playable" 3 bars for years, and have done fine. But when I'm not even getting hit markers, despite having first shot and shooting at their chest, really? I thought out of IW and 3Arc, 3Arc knew what they were doing.  I didn't get anything like this in MW3, despite the horrible netcode and Lag Comp.


Currently, my W/L is over a 2, due to 6 man Team games, my KD is suffering do to the constant "My Bullets go through you" perk, the spawns, and the camping.


Any other players feel this way? That the game seems more about How many times you can die in a game, rather than anything else.


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    You are not alone.

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    Yup mate, i was able to get 60,70 or even 80 kills in Black Ops 1 or MW3 but in this game i barely go positive ... Ive been playing CoD for 4 years now and i play like a noob atm

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    This game has had everything I wanted out of a call of duty, but it is unplayable right now. I can't remember the last time I turned my xbox off in the middle of a match, but it got to the point last night where I just couldn't deal with it anymore.


    I don't profess to be the best player in the world or have the greatest connection, but I have NEVER had the problems I'm currently having with the game. I have faith that Treyarch will fix this, but until it is I don't know if I can stand playing it.

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    My kdr in the past has been as high as 3.6 and a low of 1.20 when I first began with waw 4 or so years ago. Yes im new to xbox, BUT this game im currently at 0.4 and feel like a complete schmuck! I keep getting shot in the back, or from some red dot camper whos constantly ads`ing. Its soooooooooooooo frenetic too

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    It is just a poorly designed game mate. everyone is having trouble.


    Trust this will be the most higley returned game in human history

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    You are not alone, this is an issue with this game and if it doesn't get fixed I am not going to play. This game was fun for me because I spent more of my time killing than dying since I started in CoD 4. I'm not going to start dying more than I'm killing and tell you I'm having fun. If it's not fixed - i'm out and I have a feeling I'm not alone on that. I'd like for Treyarch to address it NOW and tell the community they know it's a problem, tell us they are working on it, and give an ETA on the fix - but we all know that wont happen.

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    Yeah last night I was getting owned, couldn't do anything right. I don't worry about my k/d since I only play domination, but damn, I had a couple of games last night going like 5-20...


    I'm sure it will correct itself

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    I'm ok - Just your avg 1:1 kdr. I think my highest was 1.42 in MW.


    I'm more upset by not being able to string anything together as far as killstreaks or... now scorestreaks. I like the idea. I could get a chopper gunner or dogs before on 18 kills. But now? My highest is like 725 and I honestly think that was in my very first game at 12:20 in the morning. Whats your highest scorestreak? I can barely get a hunter killer or care package with hardline! LOL

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    You guys are not alone. I used to get 4 or even higher KDR quite often but now I'm having a hard time getting even. My overall KD is at 1.25 ATM. I find myself getting frustrated and that causes me to run around more than I did in MW3. I need to keep in mind to slow my pace down. I also can't use the killstreaks anymore as Treyarch decided to up their numbers. They're just too high to achieve on a consistent basis. I'm now strugling to get a Hellfire Missile while I used to get 2-3 Preds in MW3. BO2 is more of a gun vs gun game and being on the good side of lag. I sometimes feel like my bullets are going through my enemies and their bullets curve. I noticed lately that I often made it to cover but I still die due to heatseeking bullets on this game that seems to curve.

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