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Has the "Matchmaking" issue been answered yet from Treyarch or Activision yet?


I would like to premise my following comments with the fact that I think BO 2 is one of the best COD Games that I have played so far. My only issue is that the time spent trying to get into a match is ridiculous. Why if there are 12 people in the lobby and 6 are in a party that the game actually says "Waiting for more players to balance the teams"? Why aren't there any headlines from either Treyarch or Activision acknowleging the issue and what they are planning i.e.  timeframe, solution, etc...? Treyarch and Activision your companies provide a product and service to millions of people around the world. You have numerious ways to communicate to your product consumers...So please, please, communicate to your consumers that you are indeed working to resolve this issue. Do you remember the disaster release of BO? The horrible spawning etc... Use the lessons learned and communicate with us. Thank you.