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*UPDATED* Black Ops 2 Known Problems w/ PS3


UPDATED as of 2/7/2013


- After playing the game now on the new updates and hotfixes (update 1.06), there are STILL MULTIPLE problems new and old that cause this game to still sometimes be extrememly annoying.  Once Treyarch fixes these and stops being lazy, i feel that more people will play it and call of duty can once regain the name it used to have.  But now, on to the problems..... old ones first.



- When backing out with party, and a member happens to leave the party, no one will be able to join the party unless the host signs off and then back on again.

- If the previously played map, the the random map have the same number of votes, the random map is chosen rather than the previously played.


- Still reconnects to party even though you're the party host.

- Still no option to cancel "joining session"

- Still try to connects to party even though all your members have left the lobby. (No option to leave party)

- Still have issues connecting to parties in the first place.

- Still get connection interrupted at the beginning of games for some reason. Very annoying.



- If you press the right arrow to call in a lightning strike, right arrow to put it back, and right arrow to take it out again, it will just show the pad and you won't be able to call in your lightning strike.

- I know of some people still getting the helicopter sound in game.

- Poorly coded menus.  Sometimes while looking at someone's combat record, you will have to press circle about 10 times because multiple windows will start popping up for no reason.

- When leaving league play to play online, it will show restrictions on your online classes.

- I am master prestige, and sometimes in a lobby it will hardfreeze my game and say "promotion prest. 10 lvl 55"

- League play should NEVER count towards your online rank.  Never.

- I like the new host migration, but it always chooses the worst host.

- There should be an implementation that the game should only choose a host with the highest win %, lowest back-out %, and/or a player with the strongest connection on the winning team.

- The MSMC doesn't have a little red/green ADS indicator.... every other gun has one, why not this one?

- Will randomly boot you out of a game lobby.

- Player card emblems never loading.  Whether it be other players in the party or your own.  Even when putting your player card on your gun, sometimes it doesn't load until the middle of the game.  This also happens sometimes for the laser sight on the Remington shotgun.  Sometimes you won't see the laser until halftime of domination.

- A reset for all the prestige glitchers? doesn't really bother me as they all suck lol...


These are all the new problems that I have for now.  If I think of any, or if you guys come up with some, ill add them to the list.

Once again,

Happy gaming!


- PheNahM

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UPDATED as of 12/6/2012


- When backing out with party, and a member happens to leave the party, no one will be able to join the party unless the host signs off and then back on again.

- If the previously played map, the the random map have the same number of votes, the random map is chosen rather than the previously played.


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UPDATED as of 12/4/2012


Now that I've had some time to play the game and get used to it, I've realized that the ps3 version is still severely suffering..


These current problems are:


- STILL no option to remove "reconnecting to party".  It is there for literally no reason when leaving a lobby.  And often times, the host even gets "reconnecting to party" even though it's his own party.  Very annoying issue.

- The skilled matchmaking system was a decent idea, but has showed that it is a terrible implementation.  It takes FOREVER, to find a match when you go into modes such as ground war with a party as small as the size of four.

- In the pregame lobby, it has a tendancy to randomly stick one of your members into another pre-game lobby, or game.

- Also, the matchmaking takes years to put other people into the lobby. 

- In pregame lobby, if one person leaves or joins, it starts the whole countdown again.  Previously in other cod's, the time would still go down no matter who leaves or stays.  One time, we waited 2 whole minutes before eventually we couldn't take it anymore.

- The game still freeezs systems.  Not as often as before, but still there.

- Aside from the system freezes, there are multiple 3 seconds freezes that happen very often.

- Sometimes when throwing down your AGR, it will just disappear.

- If you rapidly get 8+ kills, it only counts for the 8+ title, not the 5,6,7, or 8.

- Random booting while in pre-game lobby (makes a sound a bring people back to the party)

- Sometimes leaving a lobby will put you in another lobby.

- Lag at the beginning of games.  Says connection interrupted at the very start.

- It happens rarely, but your second controller playing with you can end up on the other team.

- EMP grenades lasting for eternity, and not allowing you to call in killstreaks.

- Shotgun range needs nerfed.

- Concussion grenades not stunning sentry guns.

- People not showing up on radar, even when they don't have ghost on.

- Frequent issue with the party system where a friend can not join you because of an error "unable to connect to host". But a party refresh by going to the main menu can fix it.

- In Multi-team, if any of the three teams goes MIA, it is a draw.  Rather than just having the two remaining teams battle it out for a win.

- Matchmaking will just get stuck analyzing matches rather than putting you into them.


Please comment about any other issues so that Treyarch's dev team may possibly see this and include it in the next update!


Happy Gaming


- PheNahM


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Just wanted to put together a thread of all the issues we playstation 3 players are currently having..


- Obviously can't connect online

- Multiple issues of the game freezing (usually then leads to have to restart system)

- Random booting during public matches

- No option to cancel "reconnect party" ....it's up for too long w/o inability to get it off of the screen

- Playercard emblem not updating

- If you are brought to the "reconnecting with party" screen, you will not be able to connect back to your friend's party.  (you will get an error game invalid icon)

- If multiplayer isn't your default load, it will have you go through the screen brightness, graphic content options each time you turn the game on.

- Multiple issues with taking parties into multiplayer games.. They either:

1) Get lost and put into another match

2) Can't be brought in


- The lobby will have a full game of 12 people, but it will stay stuck and won't start the match

- Sometimes when leaving a lobby that your friend already backed out of, it will then put you in another matchmaking lobby


This is just a beginning list of things that need fixing with the PS3 version


Feel free to add any that I missed!


**And remember** Go to to the options tab at the main menu, go down to install and install textures.  Supposedly makes the game run faster and smoother.


- PheNahM

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