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defyingFate-dF is recruiting for Black Ops 2 Xbox 360/


So MY New Clan that i started is looking for a people for BO2. I am 20, male, from  Indiana. Just a little background from me. K/D doesnt really matter to me but it could be a plus.

Here are some requirements thaat you need to join.

-You have to be mature

- You have to 20 or older.

- You have to have a mic

- You have to communiticate with others

- last of all. have fun

+ I am looking for Recorders to record from my or the theater. So if you have a PVR or something to record with, you are an automatic in.

-i have a youtube set up for us.http://www.youtube.com/user/dFateGaming

i know theres only one vidoe on there and thats the intro but I was goign to do gamebattles but my team fell through so yeah but we can still use it.

-if you wanna join just look up "defyingFate-dF" in the search bar when looking for clans.

-i want this clan to come together and be really good when it comes to communication and winning.

-if you guys  have mw3 and want to compete in challlanges for us then go ahead too, cause i do not have Mw3, sold that **** awhile ago lol. but anyway, please apply and i will accept you in the clan.

also if you guys want to compete in league play as

Just Remember the requirements!

Aslo add me on xbox: FearMyPeacePipe


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