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@DevTeam - Things that need fixed - keeping this constructive.


I am going to try an regularly update the OP with what seem to be the most popular requests - any chance we can get this stickied?


Hi Dev Team,


I am going to do my best to sum up a list of things that need some serious "tweaks", while remaining as constructive as possible.




  • Needs Fixing: It has become very apparent that "hip fire" is the only way to really shoot in this game (sniping is the exception).  It seems that when hip firing your accuracy is far higher, and more likly to register than it would be when iron sighting.  Iron sighting seems to factor in "kick" and "sway".  Was this intentional?  Please bring back the need to aim.
  • The Good: Great job on "blurring" things at range or outside optimal view when iron sighting.  This makes sense, and increases the challenge, while providing wep balance.  Assuming the above issue is "tweaked".


Sound: This isn't a hardware issue. *I have a 7.1 digital sound card, with 7.1 digital speakers.  I have toggled between stereo and digital settings and the issues are the same.


  • Needs Fixing: You can't decipher anything.  It sounds like you are playing and hearing all of the sound through a very padded helmet.  As of right now you have 2 perks in the game that are sound related; Awarness and Dead Silent.  Right now both of these perks are obsolete. Even with Awareness equipped you can't hear people run up on you.  I'm not talking about some guy sneaking up with Dead Silent or crouch walking...full on run up behind and kill you.  Awareness certainly doesn't give any type of depth or direction of sound - and because of the overall muffled sound issue, it renders Dead Silent unusable. 
  • The Good: Explosions sound great!


Party/Lobby System:


  • Needs Fixing: Not sure what's happening here, but seems bugged.  Not all of my friends show up in the "quick pick list" in the lobby, when I go to the extended view there is no way to quickly sort this list by, who's playing.  On top of this some of my friends that are playing and I can see them in steam don't show up in either list.  This is a broad issue and is effecting everyone that I have grouped with. 
  • The Good:  Nice to have a partying system that allows you and your friends or clan mates to be on the same team.  Well done.


Lag Compensation:


  • This is disappointing.  I have invested in my PC to provide the best possible experience of gameplay, but because of this system I am actually being punished for it.  Remove it.  Plan and simple.
  • The Good: Servers.  Servers are good.  Let us connect and be subject to our own hardware and connection.


Hacking: Clearly not something you all are directly responsible for, but we'd love your help. This is being dealt with by Trearch within 24-48 hours of the infraction.  Keep up the great work!!!


  • Needs Fixing: I can't believe that we already have to address this issue, but it is what it is.  Seriously...I hope you come good on the promises of 2 anti cheat systems.  I've already run into several lobbies of hackers with Aimbot and WallHack. 
  • The Good: This is being dealt with by Trearch within 24-48 hours of the infraction.  Keep up the great work!!!




  • Needs Fixing - Jump:  The ability to jump hip fire heads shot, should not be possible.  There should be some type of penatly for randomly bunny hoping a corner.  Whether it is wider spray, or a delay in the ability to fire. 
  • Needs Fixing - Prone:  More importantly than the jump hip fire, is the prone fire.  This needs to be nerfed or penalized.  Too often players come sprinting around the map, "dolphin dive" and with no penalty.  If I am firing a stream of bullets at this person and they prone...should I not at a very minimum have an increased chance of a headshot?  There should be a penalty here that delays there ability to shoot.
  • The Good: The ability to dive into a prone.  I haven't decided how this is a great plus in multiplayer...I just like the affect - its fun, and a nice touch.


Shot Guns:


  • Needs Fixing: The first shotty unlocked is practically a sniper rifle when iron sighted - ok, that might be an exagerration, but within 50 feet it rips heads shots all day.  Other shottys have very low registration when hip firing in close range - isn't that the point of a shot gun?
  • The Good: Some of the most balanced shot guns I've seen in COD since COD2.  We all love the shotty and you've found a way to reawaken that hip fire animal in us all.  The range isn't over the top, and it works for its designed purposes.  Once the couple items above are tweaked, they will be perfect.




  • Needs Fixing:  I'm a little disappointed that I paid extra for this map, all to have it taken from regular multiplayer lists so quickly.  Please bring this back, asap, and leave it in regular rotation, along with it's own 24/7 option.
  • The Good:  This map.  This map is good, and may be the single most defining thing that we liked about the original Black Ops.  IT'S COMING BACK TODAY!!!  Being put in Moshpit as a regular rotation map!!!!  Well done Treyarch team!


Hard Core Modes:


  • Needs Fixing:  More HC game modes. 
  • The Good: Hard Core.  Hard Core is good, and draws what most PC players are really looking for...a challenge.  The ability to macro buttons, use 8 fingers and 2 thumbs, to pull off some obsurd rail vaulting, quick scope HS, with a 180 knife kill of the flanking attacker montage without the use of bullets left in clip, radar, or on screen reticle.


Leader Boards:


  • Needs Fixing: Clear the hackers off of these boards.  It was disheartening to see names of banned hackers remain in the top 100 on the MW3 leader boards for a year.
  • The Good: You're banning hackers quickly so in time they won't compete with the end lobby leader boards, but let's keep it clean, competitive, and meaningful.



If you can remedy some of the above mentioned issues the game play, and overall functionality promises to deliver the best multiplayer COD experience in 4+ years.  If this stuff is left unchecked, well...





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