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Lag is BS

What internet is best for BO2? The reason that I ask, is that I have a 12ms ping to host with my 50/10 fiber internet (which I hit every time I do a speed and ping test regardless of which site I use) and I lag behind what seems like a half a second on MW3. I am ALWAYS host. When used my 3G phone as a modem, I didn't lag behind at all, but it wasn't consistent enough to use regularly.


I recently purchased DSL from AT&T and it doesn't seem to be AS bad with it (still 4 bar but only lag .2-.4 seconds) with a 30-35ms ping to host. Yes, I am paying for 2 internet services, but would like to get rid of one.


I have tried everything. I had fiber ran to my house, RG11 cable to my modem, CAT6 cable directly from my modem (bypassing my router), and replacing my XBOX. I have spent a TON of money trying to make these games work for me, and while my internet is blazing fast and other multiplayer games work flawlessly, I cannot get CODs to work for me.


I would appreciate some guidance on what to do to solve my problem.


I am hoping that Treyarch takes into consideration that hardcore gamers pay for high quality internet.


$1300 and counting. (Burying fiber is expensive)

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    dutch? and I can help you if you want i had the same problem but need to check what spec i did to remove the lagg

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    I'm open to ant suggestions at this point. I have purchased three different routers, set up DMZ, bypassed the routers, checked with my ISP about adjusting my modem settings, etc....

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    Your internet is too good for BLOPS2. You are probably getting host control every time because of your good connection, which is adding a lag comp to you in order to balance you out with other players who have worse connections.  If you are host, you are guaranteed to lose just about every firefight because of lag comp.


    The only way to avoid this at the moment is to slow your internet down so some other por sucker gets host.  Sad but true.

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    QOS adjustment didn't do anything for me. Slowing your ping is easier said than done. I tried setting up routing tables through my PC using a bridge and that didn't do much. Also bought Ethernet Powerline carrier adapters and that didn't work either. The highest ping I can get is 26ms. 

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    The lag is rediculous in this game, its completly unplayable for me.


    Anybody know some big files to download so I can lag connection?

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    I've tried Torrenting, but it doesn't help much. The problem is that the download fluctuates depending on where you are torrenting from.

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    You have BF3 on PC? Fire up Origin and download that game. That game is HUGE and it should bog down your connection.

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    Back in MW3 I streamed 9-10 tabs on youtube, and it did feel like it helped. I'm going big this time. Managed Switch and throttling to 56Kish for all 3 Xboxs in the house...


    Absolutely unplayable for me

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    I might have to do something like that. It's just disappointing. I didn't think that Treyarch would integrate  as-aggressive Lag Comp program as IW. I was wrong, obviously. Shouldn't have to jump through hoops just to make the game playable.

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