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Black Ops 2 - The Unplayable Game

I made a thread asking if anyone else was having Major hit detection in Black Ops 2. I'm glad to see I'm not alone. It seems to be a Major issue out of the box, and it effecting hordes of players who are about to throw their controller at the TV.



This video adresses the major Issue of what is exactly happening, and that it's not you guy guys. None of us (I hope) just lost the ability to play after being with thie franchise for numerous years. Hopefully at some point Treyarch will start doing something.


If you wish to see the number of people who are experience this issue, feel free to read some of the posts on this htread - http://community.callofduty.com/message/413542357#413542357

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    I got lag compensated in MW3. A lot. And then it sorted itself out once the servers sorted themselves out.


    I got lag compensation in Black Ops 2. A lot. And then it seems over the last night to have gotten much better.


    If people were just patient, and let Treyarch work on it, rather than screaming and yelling and ********, we'd be alright.

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    Id counter that to say, the last few games I had no problems launch week, and it slowly got worse over time to where I couldn't play anymore, and patches didn't resolve it.

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    I agree with the video comments.


    Whenever I shoot straight, down sight, at a target, you can bank on my going down first. Doesn't matter who has the advantage or what i'm firing (might as well be blanks) or anything. The outcome is always the same. There is certainly something also with hit detection, not just lag.     

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    Were you having these probles with MW3? or any other game types?? or are these problems directly associated with this game>???

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    this game is unplayable at the moment am number 6 in the world on black ops 1 with a kd of 4 an my kd on this game is 0.8 the lag is making me look a joke u cant run an gun because of the lag an its making every1 camp like a *****

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    Change the Search preferences to BEST

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    yea its terrible for me hopefully they will fix it soon

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    i find there are way too many issues with this game at the moment..i just plan on leaving this game to the side for a little bit

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    I may just return mine while I can, use the refurnd to buy a couple cases of beer or something.


    I'd wait it out if I thought they'd be able to competently remedy the situation.


    But given similar issues have been around for years now in previous titles and their fixes at best reduce the syptoms from terrible to non-ideal, is there a point waiting around?


    Nothing much more I can do since my connection literally has a couple hundred times the bandwidth needed to play on xbox live and I pull in respectable 50-70ms across the continent of North America.


    I should be able to play someone hosting in southern California from where I am in the north east without any major issues, instead I get intense lag playing people in my own backyard with pings in the low teens or less.


    The only other step would be to tether my connection to my PC and artificially adjust my connections latency.

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