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Black Ops 2 - Prestiging


Do you keep everything you unlocked when you prestige?


For example, if I unlocked Scavenger do I keep it when I prestige and get to use it immediately once I unlock create-a-class?


Or do I lose everything?


Thanks in advance for the answers.

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    When you prestige you lose all perks,killstreaks etc. Your gun level stays the same though and when you prestige you get a permanent unlock token that you can use to unlock a perk/item permanently


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    Are you sure? I know you get an unlock token to unlock a CaC, reset your stats, or refund all tokens, but from the prestige videos I've seen, there was no option to keep an item.

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    Per IGN--

    Treyarch has revamped the Prestige System, there are 10 prestiges and 55 levels. One of the new implentations is that weapon unlocks including camos and attachment do not reset after prestiging, meaning once the gun is unlocked once again you have all the unlocks you had previously. Treyarch has stated that Black Ops II Multilayer is meant to be played all the way to Prestige 10. Prestiging also rewards the player by giving them an unlock token to permanantly unlock any piece of equipment, prestiging also grants you a prestige token to unlock one of the three options per prestige: New Create a Class slot (Up to 5 extra slots which will equal 10 total slots), Stats reset (This will wipe all stats and place you back at level, essentially this is like buying the game new and Refund (This gives back all unlock tokens used  by the player that prestige, this is to basically re-roll and re-spec your character if you so choose). Once you reach 10th Prestige level 55 you become the "Prestige Master" which then allows you to have the ability to unlock everything in Create-a-Class.


    Here's the link.




    In essence... you lose everything. You can permanently unlock something (sounds like only one piece at a time) but you do not lose either the rank of your weapon or what you had unlocked for it when you reach the level for it again.


    Mixed bag to me.

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    Friend did it today while we were playing.


    You lose everything, but not the progress you made on your guns. So, for example, if you Prestige and there is a gun that is unlocked at level 20, you will again unlock that at level 20. The difference is, everything you had on that gun when you prestiged will still be there. You can complete your challenges and such, unlike in past games where you had to grind every gun every time.


    You get a choice to refund all your unlocks and make new choices, reset all stats to level 1, or get a new custom class slot.


    You also get a "Permanent Unlock" token. He was able to permanently unlock Ghost to use immediately. Took him a bit of time to figure out how to do it, but once he did he said it was easy.

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    I like the weapons no longer reset now.

    And i'll definitely be unlocking Ghost. Getting sick of all the UAV's now.

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    If you choose to unlock a CaC you get a permanent unlock token for an item as well. I prestiged last night. I have 6 CaC spots and one token i'm going to use on the Scar-H when i get back to level 40. (You have to unlock that item in prestige mode before you can permanently unlock it)

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    Stats reset destroys your prestige and puts you at level one prestige zero? Am I reading that right? And what's the point of refund, if everything locks up again don't you have to earn more unlocks to unlock them?

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    I think you'll stay at whatever prestige you are but your stats will be reset.

    If they sort the spawn out I may reset my stats sometimes. They've been killed by bad spawning and UAV spamming.

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    Alright, from someone who has prestiged already. Which would be me, sadly.


    When you prestige, you get one prestige award which can be used to:


    - reset your stats (not exactly sure how reset your stats will get, and don't intend on ever finding out)

    - get your unlock tokens back (I assume this is only handy when you are at the end of a prestige and you find out you don't have enough tokens to unlock something you want, even though i had about 20 extra tokens at the end of my first prestige)

    - or get an extra create a class


    You also earn a permanent unlock which can be used to unlock any one item, despite what level you are suppose to unlock it (gun, perk, or equipment). This is done by going into your create class find the item you would like and press RB on it. (there is some text on the bottom right of the screen that will confirm this is how you do it)


    You do not lose any progress on weapon levels, so all your attachments, camos, etc...carry over to the next prestige and you pick up right where you left off.


    Edit: For further proof im not full of it, check out my custom classes on CoD ELITE, I unlocked ghost: Landon0605

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