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IW Let Go Of Mw3?

Usually when u  send hate mail or friend request or good game mail you usually get a response back.  Several  times I sent Over 57+ mesages to mutliple PSN Mw3 Gamertags, so can i assume there bots?


I Know You can disable Messages through privacy settings,but still wouldn't talk!


1. 57+Messages to Users

2. Doesn't have mic or Bots can't talk LOL

3. Knows Where You Are 100% of time even if ur trying hard & aiming first!

4. 49- 9 kill Death-Ratio sometimes with guest as Bot!

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    I get all sorts of mail, wether it be hate,good game, or whatever else i dont always answer, cus its usually hate mail of how my kd is lower and i shouldnt be better than that player. and i have a mic, but again why use it with cod players when i just end up arguing with them. its really annoying and i just rather keep playing w/out my mic unless im playing with friends. so yeah, that could be one of the reasons ppl wont reply....?