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XBOX 360 [LOKO] Clan Looking For Members


I don't mean to brag (yes I do) but you probably have all seen the [LOKO] clan invading your MW3 and now your BO2 games.  Not because we're good, let's not get ridiculous.  But because we're pretty sweet bros that are at least marginally more than adequate, and pretty dominant at domination if I may get back to the bragging for a quick second.


Sure, there may only be seven of us total, and three of us that play too much.  We may not have the hottest K/D ratios.  We may not drop shot and quick scope.  But gosh darnit, we have a good time.  And if nothing else, we are certainly the most hilarious of the clans.  Plus we were established after a couple weird nights on Four Loko, who can't sympathize with that??


We want more members.  If nothing else, at least to get some sweet new tags and maybe the ability to make our tags in different colors (SO FANCY!).  Really just looking for some guys that like to put in a couple hours and potentially entire weekends taking over games and establishing ourselves finally as something legit and at least mildly awesome.


If you, too, yearn for something like this - go ahead and contact me.  Add me, throw in an application on the Elite page, and let's get to gaming.