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League play Rank system.

Currently League play's ranking system is broken as hell. Why is it based on win's when I'm doing solo? I though League play was meant to let people play with other players around the same skill level but how can someone do that when they are getting dragged down by their team?


I honestly think League play should be based off your personal score that game and not wins because like I said you can get stuck with people that don't know the game mode, are new or might just be trolling for the fun of it.


I really think this should be changed so it more reflects the players skill level and NOT his teams as was the whole point in League play.


I thought I could bare the fact that teams would bring me down but after being top 5 games in a row but losing each one of them I'm giving up with League play untill they bring out some patch to best fit the description of League play.

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    That's hard to do honestly. Even personal score isn't a very clear indication of skill. Maybe the best way to do it would be to use a singular (or maybe two) statistics per match type. So in Team Deathmatch only your kill/death ratio is used. Maybe in Domination the total amount of points accrued from flags you participated in capturing?

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      To be honest I don't care what other system they use aslong as it's not win's. It's not fair having your rank lowered due to bad team-mates.

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        I haven't tried League Play yet because I still can't get a good controller to work on PC so there's not much I can really contribute to the conversation. That said, single statistic ranking is simple enough to implement that I think it's worth Treyarch taking a look at.