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I Simply Can't Play.


The Lag Compensation is so bad that any time I see an enemy come around the corner I'm INSTANTLY dead. I have no time to react, no time to do anything. I doesn't even show me take damage or anything. I just die. If I watch the kill cams, the emeny actually shoots at me for a second, maybe two, but from my perspective I just die the literal instant that they come into view.

I REALLY want to play this game, but I can't now. I've heard of games saying that you need to have at least a certain connection speed, but I've never heard of a game saying that you need to have slower than a certain connection speed.


How do I fix this? Should I hook my xbox up to a wireless connection and put the router inside of a box on the opposite end of my house?

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    You can't.


    I'm in the same boat as you by the way, exactly.


    It's an effing joke.

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    Is your NAT open? check your router documentation on that. you need to open up some ports to do so. are you on DSL?

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    I'm exactly the same - I simply am unable to take part in the game - if me and someone on the opposition are in each others line-of-site, then I'm dead. Even if I hide in a dark corner and try and ambush someone, I can't kill anyone - I'm that far behind the opposition. I can only kill if they happen to have their backs to me, and even then I've been dropped after I've start shooting them in the back.


    As of right now, there is zero point in me taking part in online multiplayer - I'm just a massive liability to the rest of my team.

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    Same here, I honestly feel like I die in one shot just about everytime. It's in my best interest and the items around me to stop playing until this is fixed.