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Can we get a thread started for people who are NOT getting hard locks or server errors?

Like the title says, if you're one of the lucky few who are not suffering constant console freezes or errors connecting to the server, it might be helpful to others if you could provide as many details about your setup as possible.  Things like region, connection speed, running through a router or hardwired to your connection, etc, as well as any specific things you've done when loading/playing the game (like automatically loading on MP, signing out of PSN before starting the game, sacrificing live chickens, etc).


Not only might it provide a workaround for those of us stuck not being able to play the game, but it might help the devs in patching the problems which are causing all these freezes & server issues.  Thanks!

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    I have verizion fios the top end, I have it hard wired, I'm in the U.S. Not to be a smart ass but I have only put in 2hrs of play since release due to work and my wife and kids. But wensday night was the only day I could not connect to servers. No hard freezes or crashes other than that I have been online. Now being host is another story

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    I am not sure I can help, but this is my setup. When I play solo: no issues.


    Region: Canada South-East and New York North-East (figure that one out*)


    Setup 1 (WireLine for New York)

    Cable to Router/Modem - Wireline to basement - Router 2 (VPN to New YorK) - Hardware to PS3


    Setup 2 (Wireless in Canada)

    Cable to Router/Modem - Wired LANtoWan to Apple Router - Wireless to PS3


    (yes I have that many routers... in fact I have another I am currently not using, but I can)


    uPnP = ON in all cases (I do not bother putting PS3 in DMZ as it is NOT REQUIRED)

    NAT = not using it as IT IS NOT REQUIRED as uPNP is on


    So my NAT Type is, was and always will be open


    I do nothing on any of my routers (NAT, MTU,QoS) etc... why? BECAUSE IT IS NOT REQUIRED


    Obviously my setup has nothing to do with anything (or does it!?)


    Game Play:


    When running solo, as I said above I have NO ISSUES


    When in a party: things get messy:


    - Looking at player cards while searching for games = good chance of freezing. You do not need to know what people's KD is before you start the game. DON'T DO IT

    - People joining your lobby while you are searching for games can throw everything off as you may end up with more people in your lobby than the lobby type can support . Turn this off if you can figure out how (I have not looked for it yet)

    - Sometimes I have seen it where if the host migrates improperly, some people will drop from your party and you can enter noman's land... not sure what to do about this.

    - I had a freeze once while setting up a class while joining a game lobby. Tell your party leader to HOLD OFF until everyone in the party is ready to roll.

    - MW3 had a lot of goofy connection issues. And thanks to Peeps like Maccabi people were able to get things rolling. BO2 is different (I cannot qualify how), but maybe people have goofed up their networks to the point that they cannot connect. I have done nothing special (accept having multiple routes to my PS3). My advice: if you are goofing around with your connections to play... DON'T DO IT


    Does this solve everything? God no... but it should get you rolling. Some of the features of the game can/will mess up your experience if done at innapropriate times. until the get it fixed...





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    Not one problem yet MW3 punished me for having an awesome connection. I feel bad for those that are having problems I hope they sort things out for them but not at my expense. I pay good money for top of the line Internet service and Mw3 was a slap in the face.