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Theater mode will not render


     Once I finish editing a video, some of which are under 30 seconds long. There is no option to render. My Elite account has been connected to youtube since the begining. I tried disconnecting and reconnecting to youtube but the game still does not have an option to render. What am I doing wrong or is anyone else having the same issues. Thanks.

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    The same is happening to me and i would love to know how to fix it too.

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    render option is like..broken?

    i have rendered two times only(out of the 25 tries).

    my first video(14 seconds duration) appeared on my youtube channel only the first 3 seconds

    and my second video(7 seconds duration) appeared on my youtube channel only the first second..

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    I'm having the same issue and took the same steps to try and fix it, but no good.

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    The "Render Video" option is not always there (PS3)


    When I tried to render a video for the first time it gave me an error.

    Next day the option was gone.

    Day after that I was able to upload 2 short test vids to my YouTube-channel.

    But they are not in HD (like MW3) It's 480p


    Today the "Render Video" option is not showing up in the MultiPlayer Theater.

    "Render Video" option in Zombie Theater was present though.


    And where is the option to upload your screenshots to Facebook.

    (Zombie) Screenshots are not showing on the Elite website.

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    I also get this problem.  I've been trying to render a video and upload it to youtube for days now.  The game itself always tells me the video was uploaded successfully but when i go to youtube the upload either aborted or the clip is 2 seconds long.  Tried 5 second video up to 2 minute video and always get the same result.

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      A video of 30 seconds takes half an hour to render (if it doesn't crash), worst of all, the video on youtube only shows the first 3 or 4 seconds.

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      For those not getting the render option. Once you have edited your clips and saved them, go back into Select clip then scroll down to edited films. Find the film you just saved and select it. Once it's finished loading you should get the render option.


      My issue is the same as a few people above. Once I render a clip (a process that takes too long for such a poor quality clip!!) and it's get uploaded to youtube the clip is trimed. I've tried twice. First time only 3 seconds were uploaded. Second time 7 seconds were there.

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    I have had no trouble uploading multiplayer games(ps3), I have uploaded 6 games most over 1 min , once its completed I type my gamertag into youtube and its there. but I uploaded an origins game where I completed the easter egg on solo but I cannot find it anywhere, it was a 3 hour game cut into 2 min, it also said it was uploaded successfully but nothing.