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Need an Elite clan? Don't have Elite Premium? Join IconiK Gaming! (Xbox only, sorry)

Need a clan, but don't have Elite premium? IconiK Gaming is there for you! IconiK Gaming, or IG, was ranked number 7 according to http://top100clans.com ! On our forums, we have nearly 4,500 members! We also have 4 clans to fit everyone. One is level 50 (on MW3) and the rest are 35+. Sorry, but the 50 is full! If you are interested, please go to http://iconik-gaming.com or http://iconik-gaming.com/forum.php?referrerid=6225 (preferrably the second one) and if it asks, ADD STEALTHYLASER72 AS YOUR REFERRAL! Trust me, this will save you LOADS of time and headaches! Once that happens, go to http://iconik-gaming.com/member.php?6225-StealthyLaser72 and tell me that you signed up, and you're good to go! Referring me is VERY important, and will save you many tedious steps. Ages 13+