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Recruiting for xbox 360. Need players


Came from the ps3 to xbox and black ops 2 is hell in small parties so we are recruiting. Will become competitive as we grow but for now its casual fun. Add iEpikENT or i I sunkizt. yes that is two i's before sunkizt. Had a 2.7 kd on mw3 and a 71 win percentage with only a few players so if we can grow, We can be really good. Players will be assigned roles based on skills, whether you're slayer, support, defensive, we need all of yall. Nobody gets turned down but we will kick you if you arent an asset to the team but most likely we will find a role for you. MUST LOVE WINNING. We play all game modes, mostly objective based, domination, ctf, hardpoint. ect You can also reach us on elite at iEaT Nation. that will be the clan