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I'm glad I only rented Blops 2

So I rented it for 5 nights, and I'm so glad I did. At first I thought it was ok but tonight it's terrible. It was fine after I did the patch, had a few decent games, but now it has become unplayable because of the lag.


I've always thought the guns felt really weak, explosions did nothing and the sound is awful. QS is starting to get really bad as well.


When I bought WaW, I took it back vowing never to buy a Treyarch game again, which I kind of didn't because it cost me £6.


I feel sorry for the people who have paid full price for a game that is still in the beta process.



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    yea i wish i did the same but i didnt buy the season pass so i only lose 60 bucks

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      Still a lot of money dude.

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      I was so hyped for this game in my mind Activison/Treayarch already had my cash for the season pass.


      Can you imagine if you could buy it from psn before the game was released lol I would have wasted even more money.


      The lag etc people talk about I simply do not see reason being is I have already given up on this pos and gone back to Black ops 1.


      Yes Black ops 1 had its problems be it the connection sometimes or stupid deaths say you get around a corner in to cover you die the kill cam shows you back in time 2x slower but it was and still is a pretty damn good game this is why I was so hyped for black ops 2.


      What do Treyarch do though? They **** it up I am not even talking about the big **** up with connections lag etc but the game as a ******* game.


      The guns are bloody horrible the perks are a bag of **** the maps are also a big pile of steaming horse **** the worst being that stupid ******* boat that everyone seems to always choose when its a bag of dog poo.


      The graphics are horrible looks like my young one has done the coulers in his Infant school class their so bright horrible and fake.


      What would have been wrong with making an extension to the first black ops you know same engine same gritty look same guns but with a load of new ones ballenced perks again.


      Treyarch why did you make an extension to mw3? look at the hate mw3 multiplayer got then you go make a next to carbon copy jesus christ.


      I said after mw3 which I hated if Treyarch do not make a good one next the franchise is dead to me and now thats it I will not buy another cod.

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    Wish I rented it

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    Why didn't I think of renting it...


    Well we probably can't here anyway.

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    bye bye dont let the door hit you on the a$$ on the way out

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      It can't be that good of a game, otherwise you would be playing it and not trolling on here.

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        So after 5 days, my rental copy of Blops 2 has been returned to Blockbuster. Am I glad to see the back of it? Yes and no. Yes because the lag was crazy, the sound was awful and don't get me started on the spawns and maps. And no because I really wanted to like this game. I kept going back to it but nothing had changed, so it was really starting to pi$$ me off.


        I've tried it and didn't like it. Saved myself about £38 discounting the £6 rental.


        Before anyone says close the door on the way out and goodbye. I have closed the door and I"m saying goodbye.




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        I love the game... currently trolling as I am not at home.


        (we are not all kids, and $60 is not a huge deal to me in any stretch of the imagination).


        But to each their own, had I only rented it I would have bought it by now...

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    i love the game  am playing it fine