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How does everyone have a problem with this game?


Since patch 1.03 i have:

- no lagg

- no more freezes

- no more blurry textures

And everything is running smooth on my ps3 slim 120GB.

So, am i just lucky or did i do something else then you guys did? :S

Maybe it is the bles/blus code or it has something to do with the ps3 model..

I don't Know...


My information:

- PS3 Slim 120GB

- I live in the netherlands with one if the highest internet speed possible in this country

( http://www.speedtest.net/result/2315324957.png )

- I have a copy of Black Ops 2 with bles code 01717

- I have installed the textures to my HDD


(btw, i always search for the best lobbys and not for normal/any)



I hope we can find out what the problem is!