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Banned for completing game to fast

Well, just been online, and seen a family members steam profile, and he has been baned by Vac, he states that it was because he reached level 80 too quick and he did not cheat?  I think he played on one of those fast rank servers, so be warned if you have use one of those fast 1000 points a kill servers to rank up Vac is looking for you.  As I said to him if you don't play the game as it comes of of the box? it's cheating

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    You mean someone was banned for being in a hacked game? I've been in games where you don't run out of ammo, get a crazy amount of points, but haven't been banned. But, when the game was over, I didn't get the points shown, so maybe that is the difference.

    It's odd that they will ban someone for that, but not do anything about the cheats and hacks. Of course there is the possibility that he was cheating and got caught, but hey, what's 1 out of 1000's.

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      I think it was when the game first came out, you had hacked ranked servers that gave you silly amounts of XP per kill, IW patched them out ages ago. so to be honest it has taken a while to give him a ban for that, but he's just lost £40 on a game he nolonger can use "well his mam has lost it not him", I bet he don't get that new joystick for xmas now ...

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    VAC only bans when there is cheating going on.

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 & 3

    VAC is enabled on all multiplayer servers, public and private. Any modifications to the game other than editing config files can result in a VAC ban. Examples of such modifications include but are not limited to console enablers, VAC disablers, and server hosting mods.




    you can read that there. he was cheating.

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    You do not get banned for getting into a hacked lobby and it adjusts your stats, you can get banned by IW from joining any of MW3 games if you are cheating (aimbot, wallhack etc.) and someone has sent a video to bancandy anti cheat team and they will punish the person.


    If you get a "bans on record" tag on your steam profile this is to do solely with VAC (VALVE STEAM) the ban is due to the person using a cheat of some sort, heacking his stats, unlocking all perks, weapons, etc. or using a wallhack and/or aimbot, or the esp VAC disabler hack.


    VAC bans are permanant and will never be lifted. He cheated plain and simple.

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