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[eVa] Xbox Black Ops 2 Clan | Competitive Gaming


eVa Competitive Gaming Community


We've over 40 active members and 5 teams competiting in different ladders. Join us a small humble community or you could get lost in the crowd and join a big community where no one will notice you!




So what is eVa?


eVa  stands for Equinous Virtuos Amicitia which is Latin, the English translation for this is Virtual, Virtue and Friendship. This means a lot to use as we're here to make friends on the Xbox but at the same we want some competitive battles.


What does this mean?


This  means that whilst we are a community we offer the chance for players to  play in competitive gaming leagues, ladders and tournaments. Whilst we  offer a community based role for everyone to play with each other and  have a laugh we do take the competitive more seriously.


So why the community?


We  use the community as our foundation and build around that. If there isn't members here to have a laugh or a chat with then what good would eVa be?

The community is here to help players build up their game play and have a chance in the competitive world of gaming.


What games do we support?


We focus on:


  •         Battlefield 3
  •         Halo 4
  •         Black Ops II



Whilst  to join eVa you don't have to own either of those games you could just join our community but in order to play competitive would have to think  about purchasing one of the above titles.




There isn't many requirements we ask for but there are a few "ground rules" so to speak;


  •         Activity - We don't like time wasters so if you can't put the effort in  the unfortunately there isn't room for you in eVa.
  •         Age - We do ask that you are 16+ as most of our members are above this age mainly ranging from 20 -26
  •         Attitude - Please bring a positive one.

   The sole objective in eVa Gaming so to allow members join a clan that;

  • Listens
  • Respects
  • Plays the Objective
  • Is active


We  are a clan based on leadership, teamwork, maturity and activity. We strive to find the best players and leaders for our squads and for our chain of command.

Our site leaders are highly active and at any time are here to help you.


So  why wait? Join today and benefit from being around a clan that is always willing to give you tips and always has someone on to play with. Create an account and join us.



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