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MP7 was the most used gun in MW3 for its low recoil (Low- ZERO) and stupid range.. now we have the MP7 in BO2 which is EXACTLY the same.. stupidly OP at range for a SMG...


Then you have the PDW-57... this gun just takes the piss on soo many levles.. EVERYONE is using it.. its that common 7/10 guns i see on the floor from fallen foes is either a MP7 or PDW... i know this game is catered for so called "pro gamers" that have to have cirtain rules in MLG or otherwise they cry to thier rents.. but seriously? why are these guns still soo OP?


the FMG's in MW3 were horrificly OP and it took them..well still is taking them over a year to Nerf .. hope to god this wont be the case with the PDW..

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    It's really sad when you think about it but at least with MW3, the MP7 can easily be dealt with by a skilled player. Now with the lag comp, and constant UAVs, these noobs (lets call it what it is) run rampant like horny school girls

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    while your on about the akimbo fmg's have you seen the akimbo karda at work they are brutal and would give the fmg's a run for their money


    but back on topic add a laser sight to any smg's and you dont stand a chance against them at any range

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      I kow right! obviously the guys who thought putting a laser sight on SMG's havnt been laid in a few years and thought this is their way of getting back at those who have...


      IW staff got fired for this exact reason and now i think the devs from 3ARC should face the recession other than sitting in the $4.5million mansions in which they havn't earned... cheaky little pricks.

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    there is much more recoil on the mp7 in this game, it's not even a close comparison betweein it in mw3 and this game.

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    I think the PDW is seen so often is because a few better players seem to really like it and it has a huge mag. The Scorpion has a rate of fire of 1200 rounds per minute compared to the 900 rpm rate of the MP7 and the 720 rpm of the PDW.

    The PDW does 2 points more max damage (35 vs 33) over the other two, but has a very quick '3 shot kill' range drop off (34 meters).

    In my opinion, the most over used SMG will be the MSMC once more people unlock it/stumble on to it and discover the high damage, very low recoil, and better range.

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    You can't kill people from across the map with the MP7 in Black Ops 2 like you could in MW3. If you want to talk about a nasty SMG, look at the Skorpion. I love that hting.