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assault rifles vs subs.

The balance between subs and assault rifles is way off guys. Please make this right as there is no skill for play needed right now, all you need is a sub. Just takes the fun away.

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    couldnt agree more if you referring to blops2, mw3 was similar if you wanna compete you gotta use an smg they put enemies down twice as fast and you need to get around quick i totally loved my ak47 in mw1&2 and assault rifles were more than adequate in black ops too but in this game most of the maps in-game havent been built for much strategy, ive checked out all the ar's now and im sure there'll be loads who will disagree but i just cant compete with em whereas with any smg i'm holding my own


    its a bit of a disappointment to be honest but i still enjoying the game as a cpl of the smg's like the msmc in particular are really sweet with the silencer